Pro Safety and Training Proud to Donate to Leukaemia Foundation

Pro Safety and Training Proud to Donate to Leukaemia Foundation

What is Leukaemia?

Leukaemia refers to cancers developing in bone marrow and can refer to a range of diseases. They commonly cause affected individuals to feel fatigued and breathless, increase risk of infection, increase bruising and bleeding, along with a host of other symptoms.

How many Australians are affected?

Approximately 1 in 58 Australians will be diagnosed with Leukaemia before age 85. It is the third largest cause of cancer-related death in Australia, with over 5000 new cases diagnosed in 2022, sadly causing over 2000 deaths. It is the most common cancer in children. With treatments including chemotherapy, stem cell transplants, and targeted therapies, the five-year relative survival rate sits at approximately 65%, which has fortunately increased in the last few decades.

Why we chose this cause?

Being a family business, we have had family and friends affected by cancer (specifically Leukaemia and Bladder cancer) and believe it is an important cause to sponsor, so we have recently donated $750 to the Leukaemia Foundation.

We complete fit testing for a wide variety of clients in the construction and mining industry, and cancer is a common occurrence in these industries- so any way we can help out is valuable.

How we can assist business?

Pro Safety and Training primarily provides respirator fit testing services and training in Brisbane and Australia-wide. Our fit testing is compliant with the relevant legislation, standards of practice and guidance to ensure a high-quality product that meets the needs of our clients.

We can provide this testing and training to individuals or large groups, at our Woolloongabba office or onsite for your convenience.

For efficient, compliant, and cost-effective fit testing or fit test training, please call us on 1300 336 003 or visit our Contact Us page.



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