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Face Fit Testing Service Details

Pro Safety and Training is an Approved Training Provider for Order 43 Medical providers as well as being an Approved Training Provider through RESP-FIT. We have been conducting testing for over 8 years and are one of the leading and most experienced providers of fit testing and fit test training in Brisbane.

What Exactly is Face Fit Testing?

Face fit testing is a process to check that the worker can don or put on the respirator and it seals adequately on their face.

How is Fit Testing Completed?

Fit testing is completed using a PortaCount, which works by sampling air on the outside and inside of the respirator. The outside concentration is divided by the inside concentration, and the score has to be above a set fit factor for the test to pass. For Half Face respirators this is 100, and for Full Face this is 1000.

Half Face or Full Face or disposable?

Prior to testing we need to know what respirator is used in your workplace along with the make and model of the respirator (ie 3M 6225 Kit, 3M 9322A+ or Sundstrom SR100). Unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly what respirator to use in your workplace as this is based off of AS/NZS 1715:2009 and your workplace air monitoring. We can provide suggestions and provide cost effective respirators on the day of testing (3M and Sundstrom) if required.

How Long Does Face Fit Testing Take?

Quantitative face fit testing takes approximately 15 minutes if a pass is achieved. We generally allow 30 minutes per test and test 2 workers at the same time to minimise downtime.

Is There Any Training Involved?

When we conduct fit testing we provide basic training in line with Section 7.6.3 of the Silica Code of Practice, this includes:

  • Why respirators are being worn and when they are required.
  • How the respirator actually works to lower your exposure to a contaminant.
  • The limitations of the respirator being tested.
  • How to assemble the respirator.
  • How to don or put on the respirator, and how to dof or take off the respirator.
  • How to complete a “Fit Check”.
  • How and when to change the filters.
  • What your current filters will protect you against.
  • How to clean, maintain and store the respirator.

We can contextualise the training to meet your exact needs and provide ongoing support as required.

We are a competitive fit test provider and charge the following for quantitative testing in Brisbane:

*Please note pricing for businesses is expressed as Price +GST, and for individuals is shown as GST inclusive. 

*For onsite testing we may charge travel depending on the location of testing

Bulk Fit Test Group Rate for Miners and Construction Companies- Day Rate- please call us to discuss PortaCount Options (2 units, 4 units, 6 units, 8 units, 12 or 24 hour shifts, 4+ Operators).

For travel over an hour we may charge travel depending on the total number of tests provided.

Prior to conducting fit testing you will need to:

  • Specify what brand and model of RPE is being used and requires testing (is it a Sundstrom SR100 or a 3M 9322A+, is it a 3M 7502?).
  • Understand how to select, use and maintain the RPE (is the respirator for Silica or Asbestos, or is the RPE for a gas or vapour).
  • Know how to don the RPE (understand how to put on the face piece).
  • Be clean shaven around the sealing surface of the respirator- we will not test any person that has stubble/ goatees or facial hair that interferes with the seal- all workers being tested must be clean shaven (we will refuse to test anyone with facial hair- we do have razors and cream onsite but it saves substantial time for your business if all workers are clean shaven- click here for a guide of acceptable facial hair).
  • Bring any PPE you may be wearing while wearing RPE (hardhats, glasses) so we can test with this to ensure it is compatible.
  • Not smoke 30 minutes prior to testing.
  • Provide your full name and mobile phone number
  • Not eat within 30 minutes of testing.
  • Ensure all workers are medically fit to wear a respirator, if there is any doubt of this, the employee should be medically assessed by a medical practitioner or occupational health physician.

If you are bringing your own respirator on the day of testing please ensure this is in a safe and clean condition, if bringing your own RPE we will need to know the brand and model so we can ensure we have an adaptor for the testing. If we do not have an adaptor we will be unable to test.

While all effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above links, Pro Safety and Training strongly recommends you access all compliance based documents from your applicable regulators website.

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