Fit Testing FAQs

Fit Testing Brisbane

Before Fit Testing

What is the point of fit testing?

Fit testing is done to ensure that the respirator you are using is able to create an appropriate seal on your face, and that you are able to don the respirator. Respirators work by allowing you to breathe clean air through a filter or air-line. If the air you breathe is leaking in between your skin and the sealing surface of the mask, you are at risk of breathing this, which may be dangerous for you.

Do I need to be clean shaven when fit testing?

Yes, absolutely. Any hair touching the sealing surface may interfere with the seal and cause the respirator to leak. Certain facial hair styles such as some moustaches may be appropriate if they do not touch the respirator. See multiple previous posts and videos for more information on this.

What do I need to bring?

Bring any PPE that may interfere with the respirator, such as glasses and hardhats (you don’t have to bring your boots). This is to see if they will affect the seal.

What happens if I don’t get fit tested?

If you are not fit tested, there is no evidence to say that your respirator is able to provide you protection and you may be at risk. Fines may also apply in some cases.

I have done a fit check, is this the same thing?

No, fit checks (covering the inhalation surface or exhalation surface and breathing in or out respectively to identify leakage) only identify significant leaks, and may miss smaller leaks that could still pose a threat.

During Fit Testing

What will happen in my fit test?

Depending on the respirator, we will spend 5-10 minutes going over the details of your respirator and how to wear and maintain it. After this, you will don your mask and perform a series of exercises.

What are the exercises involved when testing?

If you are testing on a reusable respirator, the exercises involved will be Bending over, Jogging on the spot, Head side to side and Head up and down. If you are testing on a disposable respirator, the exercises involved will be Bending over, Talking aloud, Head side to side and Head up and down. The tests themselves will go for approximately two and a half minutes.

After the Fit Test

Passed or failed results

If the mask is able to create an appropriate seal to your face, it will pass the test, and the operator will explain the results and give you your Fit Test Card. If the respirator does not seal appropriately to your face, it will fail the fit test. We will try twice and your operator will assist you in recommendations to make the respirator fit better, although no respirator will be able to fit every single person (hence the need for fit testing). If we cannot achieve a pass on your first respirator, we request that you have a backup respirator that we can test on.

When do I need to get fit tested again?

Re-testing should be done annually or whenever there is a change in your facial characteristics such as weight gain/loss, surgery or injuries, as per AS/NZS 1715:2009 clause 8.2.

I have lost or broken my reusable respirator, do I need to get fit tested again?

No, just purchase another mask that is exactly the same – look at your card or report and find your mask’s exact make, model and size. Ensure you are purchasing or using the correct filters as well!

What do I need to do Post Testing?

Simply wear the mask when required by your work instructions and SWMS, maintain a clean shaven face, wear the mask in accordance with standards and guidance material, and keep the mask in good condition through maintenance and cleaning.


If you have any other questions or wish to book fit testing, please get in contact by emailing us at or calling 1300 336 003.