Booking Terms and Conditions ©

Thank you for engaging Pro Safety and Training Pty Ltd ATF Pro Safety and Training Trust (ABN 85 224 226 458), herein referred to as PST. It is critical that you review the terms and conditions below prior to commencing booking as a placement of an order constitutes full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Face Fit Testing

By engaging PST to conduct fit testing you agree to the following terms and conditions of testing:

Terms of Testing: ©

  • The results and information on the fit test report will be shared with interested parties (e.g. employer, principals, representatives or regulators).
  • You will be honest about your name, employer details and ID/phone number
  • You will not hold Pro Safety and Training Pty Ltd ATF Pro Safety and Training Trust or related entities/individuals liable for any damages, injury, illness or death caused by wearing or not wearing the RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) tested.
  • Please note that if wearing other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) not used during testing, we cannot guarantee the fit of the RPE.
  • The RPE is reasonably comfortable, is a reasonable size and fit and you agree that you are medically fit to wear a respirator.
  • You will wear RPE in accordance with AS/NZS 1715:2009 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment, RPE manufacturers specifications and any other site or employer requirements.
  • You will only wear the respirator clean shaven and ensure that no facial hair crosses or interferes with the sealing surface of the respirator.
  • You are aware that although a pass has been achieved the RPE may only be suitable for use in certain environments, and a risk assessment needs to be undertaken to determine whether that RPE is appropriate prior to working in areas with airborne contaminants. This will take into account factors including the RPE protection factor, filters, task and operator factors, type and design of mask generally.
  • You are aware that fit testing is an annual requirement, and it is recommended that you are fit tested again if you have any change in facial characteristics (dental work, weight loss, weight gain, scarring)
  • You allow Pro Safety and Training to notify you via text message when your fit test is coming up for renewal.


Conditions of Testing: ©

The testing was conducted as per the OSHA protocol- 29 CFR 1910.134 (OSHA Fast-Filtering Face, OSHA Fast-Full/Half Face) and AS/NZS 1715:2009 Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE), whilst wearing other personal protective equipment (PPE) that may affect the seal and therefore protective function of the RPE. The testing was conducted whilst standing and undertaking exercises specified in the protocol, after donning the RPE for 5 minutes. The testing was conducted by a fit test operator competent in areas listed in ISO 16975-3 Respiratory protective devices- Selection, use and maintenance – Part 3 Fit testing procedures – Section 5.2. Testing was completed using the Pro Safety and Training OSHA protocol checklist.

The testing was conducted for workers that were deemed clean-shaven and have no facial hair that interfered with or touched the sealing surface of the respirator. If at any time the test subject feels uncomfortable or is suffering ill effects from wearing the RPE the test will be stopped. All components of the fit test equipment that pose a risk to the worker being tested shall be disinfected with antibacterial wipes and cleaned in line with manufacturers specifications.

RPE Supply

RPE supplied on a one-off basis, on an ongoing basis or at the time of fit testing is to be worn in accordance with AS/NZS 1715:2009 and the supplied Manufacturer Specifications. Due to the complexity of selecting RPE we strongly advise that a risk assessment is completed by the employer to ensure the RPE is suitable for the environment in which it is being worn, or a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH) is engaged to determine suitability of the respirator.

PST can offer some general advice however this advice is not to be relied upon, and is ultimately the responsibility of the employer and wearer of the respirator.

For Refunds post supply of RPE this will only be completed if the RPE is unopened and not damaged in any way. If the RPE has been worn we are unable to provide a refund.

All goods remain the property of PST until payment is received in full.

Cancellations/ No Shows/ Late Arrivals

Please note Pro Safety and Training reserves the right to cancel the order (Fit Testing, Training or RPE supply) at its discretion, or through force majeure and will not indemnify any party for lost revenue or damages resulting from cancellation of an issued quote.

Woolloongabba Office Testing:

For Fit Testing client cancellations 2+ days prior to booking date no cancellation fee will apply, cancellations on the day prior to testing will incur an administration fee of $66 inc GST per person booked. For cancellations on the day, if you do not show up to your appointment, or refuse to shave we charge $70+GST per person booked.

Onsite Fit Testing:

For Fit Testing client cancellations 2+ days prior to booking date no cancellation fee will apply, cancellations on the day prior to testing will incur an administration fee of $66 inc GST per person booked. We will charge the quoted amount even if you have less workers onsite, or workers refuse to shave (i.e booked for 15 workers, 6 tested, we will charge for 15).


If you do not show for your booking, and refuse to pay the no show fee, we will pass the debt owed to a collection agency.


For RESP-FIT Approved Course cancellations- no refund will be given if the student withdraws from the course prior to commencing.


We are an efficient business and try our best to be on time. When clients arrive late this not only pushes out your booking, but the bookings of other attendees. Please arrive 10 minutes early for all office based bookings. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late we may turn you away and you will be charged a no show fee.


Occasionally we will have attendees fail on masks specified and this can push out booking times, in these instances we will do our best to run your job as efficient as possible.

Payment Terms

Please note payment terms:

With Purchase Order- payment is to be 30 days from end of month, unless otherwise agreed. Maximum payment terms are 65 days end of month

With no Purchase Order- payment is  Cash on Delivery only.

For late payment of over 15 days a 10% fee of the total price shall be charged, for invoices over 30 days late a 20% fee shall be charged. If a debt collector is required to collect the debt, the costs of the collection agency will be charged to the client.

For quotes above $2000 a Purchase Order must be issued by the client to Pro Safety and Training Trust.

If you require Pro Safety and Training Trust to be setup as a vendor/supplier- please email Sebastian Rasche at, or contact him directly on 0412 889 317.