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Ear Fit Testing Service Details

Pro Safety and Training has received training in Ear-Fit Testing and uses the latest technology- The 3M™ E-A-R fit™ Dual-Ear Validation System.

What Exactly is Ear Fit Testing?

Ear fit testing measures the level of protection that hearing protection offers and checks the user can correctly wear hearing protection.

How is Ear Fit Testing Completed?

Fit testing is completed using the 3M™ E-A-R fit™ Dual-Ear Validation System, this compares noise levels outside the ear to noise levels inside the ear and provides a quantitative result.

What Sort of Hearing Protection is Needed?

This will need to be determined in house, and then provided prior to being fit tested for the nominated model of 3M hearing protection.

How Long Does Ear Fit Testing Take?

Each ear fit appointment takes approximately 30 minutes and we test on 4 types of 3M earplugs.

Is There Any Training Involved?

When we conduct eat fit testing we provide the following training:

  • Basic hearing protection discussion.
  • How to insert the ear plugs, or wear the hearing protection.
  • How and when to remove earplugs.

We contextualise the training to the individual and provide assistance as needed.

We are a competitive ear fit test provider and charge the following for ear fit testing in Brisbane:

Prior to conducting ear fit testing with us you will need to:

  • Ensure you have cleaned your ears and do not have any current ear injuries that may prevent you from being tested.
  • Understand how to insert earplugs.
  • Not eat within 15 minutes of testing.