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How to Fit Test PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators)

A common question we come across is how to fit test PAPR, and positive pressure [...]

Understanding Fit Test Adaptors

Central to the Fit Testing process are fit test adaptors, indispensable attachments that facilitate accurate [...]

Fit Testing FAQs

What is the point of fit testing? Fit testing is done to ensure that the [...]

Facial Hair Justification

If you are wearing a tight-fitting respirator then you must be clean shaven. Facial hair [...]

Fit Testing in House Vs Engaging a Fit Test Provider

Customers are regularly looking to establish fit testing in house (test their own employees). For [...]

Fit Test Software

In this quick guide we provide details of the correct fit test software to be [...]

Fit Test Equipment and Consumables

We have been testing since 2015 and in this time have managed to systemise the [...]

Looking After Your PortaCount When Fit Testing

Your PortaCount is an expensive piece of equipment, and it is vital to meeting your [...]

Modified Fit Test Protocols

When using the modified protocol the requirements of the OSHA 1910.134 protocol still apply (user [...]