Is it the law to be fit tested?

This news post aims to provide you with information around the legislative framework surrounding fit testing.

Is fit testing legislated?

Fit testing is legislated! In harmonised states we fall under the following 2 pieces of legislation:

  • WHS Act 2011
  • WHS Regulation 2011

The Act states that a person conducting a business must ensure that workers and other are kept safe, as far as is reasonably practicable. The Act does not call up fit testing directly, however the Regulations does.

In Section 44 (3) (a) (ii) of the Regulations it states that PPE must be a suitable size and fit- in the context of RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) for the RPE to be a suitable size and fit you need to be clean shaven and fit tested.

Do other standards call up fit testing?

They do- AS/NZS 1715:2009 Section 2.6 states that the respiratory protection program administrator shall ensure a suitable fit test is carried out for all users of tight fitting RPE.

Do Manufacturers recommend fit testing?

Yes they do- Sundstrom (the manufacturer for the SR100 and SR200) state in their manufacturers specifications that RPE has to be worn in accordance with a RPE protection program- one requirement of a RPEPP is fit testing.

Should fit testing be qualitative or quantitative?

We only provide quantitative face fit testing as qualitative face fit testing is a subjective method (relying on the workers sense of smell and taste) of testing, and is not entirely reliable (see Clause 8.5.2 of AS/NZS 1715:2009). We strongly advise against qualitative testing.

Quantitative testing is as fast as qualitative testing, however is accurate and still cost efficient. For more information on quantitative and qualitative see this news post.

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