Fit Testing – Making the process easy

At Pro Safety and Training we are always looking to provide value to customers. We do this by providing competitive pricing and ensuring we provide compliant quantitative face fit testing. We can undertake compliant face fit testing anywhere in Australia whether you are a large mining company or a small family owned construction company.

To book a face fit test for yourself or for your company please call 1300 336 003 or contact us.

This news article is to give you an idea of our process of testing and how we strive to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Process:


We believe in a personal touch when it comes to dealing with customers – simply call our office and speak to Sam – she will discuss the requirements of fit testing, respirator options and schedule you in. Sam will be able to schedule you for an onsite booking (we come to you and fit test in our mobile van), or an office based booking where you can come to our office in Woolloongabba and complete testing. For companies with larger workforces, Sam will take down your details and the Director will follow up with a obligation free chat around your fit testing needs

When we schedule a booking we simply need to know the following:

  • total number of workers (so we can allocate a reasonable amount of time).
  • respirator being tested and a backup respirator (this is so we can ensure we have a fit test adaptor available, and have a secondary option if the first respirator fails).
  • an email address for the Fit Test Reports to be sent to (PDF copy will be sent to a nominated person).

We have designed the booking process in a trade friendly and simple manner. We believe by doing this we test in the most efficient manner possible maximising savings to you. If there are any questions you have during this process Sam will take down your details and have a respirator specialist contact you to provide an answer to your question.


We have been conducting fit testing since 2015 and have recently noticed an influx of competitors recently that are not testing to the protocols- this creates risk to business owners and workers. We strictly test to OSHA 1910.134, or HSE 282/28/INDG 479 and have spent countless hours developing our fit testing process to ensure 100% compliance with protocols in a streamlined manner.

Some compliance points we focus on are:

  • providing basic training in donning RPE (respiratory protective equipment) prior to the test (so workers know how to put RPE on properly). 
  • providing basic training in the respirators (so workers understand the limitations of the mask and where it will provide protection).
  • allowing workers multiple sizes of masks to try on to ensure the most comfortable fit (if the mask is comfortable then users are more likely to wear it).
  • ensuring the workers knows how to conduct a fit check and completes this prior to testing.
  • having the worker stand while conducting testing (so there is natural weight on the body- we never test sitting down).
  • having the worker don other PPE (glasses/Hardhat etc) to ensure this does not affect the seal of the respirator and is still compatible
  • ensuring all exercises are completed correctly(ie talking out loud)

Once we complete the test workers receive a fit test report, the conditions of testing are read and then the fit test signed. We then issue a fit test card for the worker to demonstrate that they have been quantitatively fit tested.

Post Testing:

Once testing is completed we send the following to the nominated employer representative:

  • Fit Test Reports (with a expiry date on the PDF)
  • Calibration Certificates for our fleet of PortaCounts (to prove the equipment is calibrated)

If company testing has been completed we can also export out data and send you a table with all workers tested, their next test date, the respirator and size tested and the overall fit factor (this makes it easy for larger workforce’s when you are supplying respirators post testing).


Due to workers requiring annual retesting we simply keep all data within a central, cloud based database.  This data is also combined into Pipedrive and reminders set for retesting. When your fit test is expiring we are then easily able to contact you a month prior, and if you wish we can schedule another fit test.


At Pro Safety and Training we make fit testing efficient, compliant and cost effective. By working closely with our clients we are able to provide a competitive and beneficial service to our clients. Please call us on 1300 336 003 to chat fit testing.

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