Sundström Filter Types

The Sundström range of respirators are our favorites. Not only do most users generally pass their face fit tests, but they provide comfortable and high performance respiratory protection.

Sundström range of RPE

We have been getting more and more feedback and questions from companies regarding filter types for different work processes, and with that we decided to do our own research into correct filter types. Instead of presenting the results and information ourselves, follow this handy link to access all types of Filters produced by Sundström and pick the appropriate filter.


What type of Filter for my mask do I use?

Example 1: Workers removing non-friable asbestos using a Sundström SR100ML.

Sundström Filter to use: an SR510 along with a SR221 is to be used. This filter is a particle filter for all types of wet and dry particles including asbestos.

A Sundström SR100ML with a Particulate Filter and Pre Filter.

Example 2: Workers undertaking spray painting using White Knight Rust Guard- containing Acetone, Propane, Xylene, Kerosene and Ethylbenzene.

Sundström Filter to use: a SR217 or SR218 is to be used. This is a filter for organic gasses with a boiling point above +65°C such as solvents.

The SR217 for Solvents.

Example 3: Workers working with small amounts of Ammonia

Sundström Filter to use: a SR316 or SR295 is to be used. These are suitable for use against ammonia vapour.

The K1 Filter.

How can we help?

Pro Safety and Training Pty Ltd can help with RPE selection and assistance with selection of suitable filters. Our Asbestos training and Confined Space Training usually cover some aspects of RPE and filter selection. For more information on how we can assist contact us on 1300 336 003 or contact us.

Note: Remember the filter is useless in a mask that is not suitable to the work being undertaken. A risk assessment along with accessing relevant Act’s and Regulations, Codes of Practice, Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), Exposure Standards and Manufacturers Specifications must be undertaken before commencing work.

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