Cleaning and Storing your Sundström SR100

Asbestos removal can be hard work. With the right control measures in place we reduce the risk of asbestos removal to an acceptable level. One of these critical controls is your Respirator- and by keeping it cleaned and stored correctly you can ensure the respirator remains in an acceptable condition and keeps you safe.

So why is it important to clean it?

Well cleaning really covers 2 functions- the first to keep it hygienic, and the second it serves as a more thorough visual inspection. By visually inspecting gear before we use it and regularly conducting an inspection of the equipment we can ensure that the equipment stays in serviceable condition.

How do we clean it?

Cleaning of the Sundström SR100 is done as per the manufacturer specifications.

For cleaning it specifies the following:

Sundström recommended for daily use cleaning the respirator with Sundström tissues-SR5226 which clean and disinfect the respirator.

If the mask has been heavily soiled (as is with asbestos removal) then use a warm (up to 40 degrees Celsius) with a mild soap solution and a soft brush to clean the respirator, and then rinse with clean water and dry at room temperature. If you are going to do this then the filter, covers for the exhalation valves, membranes and the head harness must be removed from the facepiece. Clean carefully taking extra care around the exhalation membranes and membrane seats. Dry the mask in air at room temperature and then reassemble it.

Never use Solvents to clean the respirator as these can damage the mask.

How do we store it?

Once again as per the manufacturer specifications. Sundström recommends to store the mask either the Sundström storage box SR230 or the storage bag SR339. The mask should be stored dry, clean and kept away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

Our asbestos training courses cover PPE selection and always recommend maintaining and using equipment as per the manufacturer specifications.


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