Pro Safety and Training Proud to Receive Resp-Fit Approval

Being a proactive provider of all things fit testing means we always want to stay up to date with any external change within industry, and then change internally to better meet the market and our large customer base.

A recent positive change is the rollout of the Resp-Fit Program- an accreditation program to lift the quality of fit testers within industry.

Pro Safety and Training have recently gained the following:

How we shall use this internally is as follows:

  • All fit test operators and administration staff will receive Resp Fit Approved Training
  • All fit test operators shall work under the supervision of an accredited tester, and work in line with our current fit test policies and procedures

Information about Resp Fit can be found here.

We are proud to see this approval and accreditation and look forward to industry adopting Resp Fit.

For Resp Fit Approved Training, Face Fit Testing or RPE please contact us on 1300 336 003.