Fit Test Equipment and Consumables

Fit Test Consumable Box

At Pro Safety and Training, we source high-quality equipment and consumables to provide high-quality fit testing services in Brisbane and surrounds.

We have been testing since 2015 and in this time have managed to systemise the fit test process so testing is fast, efficient, and cost effective.

Below are some links to some of the products we use every day in the business.


We cannot fit test without adapters. The alternative to using adapters is having a permanently probed mask, which means the mask can only be used for fit testing and is shared between workers. This can be impractical and expensive when workers may require or bring in varied or unexpected respirators. So, at Pro Safety and Training, we will carry adapters for the most commonly used respirators. We get most of our adapters from Allens Industrial Products (links to specific products below).

We test many 3M half and full face respirators, and use 3M™ Fit Test Adapter 601 for products with a bayonet style filter/cartridge. For our Sundström half face respirators (SR 100, SR 900 or SR 90-3), we use the Sundström SR 328 Test Adapter. For many masks including Scott Promasks, Scott Aviva and 3M Visions, we will use a Scott Safety DIN40 Adapter.

With all testing of reusables you will also need associated P3 filters– these can be bought from Allens as well.

Adapters and P3 Filters

Fit Testing Accessories:

High quality alcohol is recommended for use in the Portacount. We only use 99.5% pure TSI 8016 Alcohol from Kenelec Scientific or Onsite Safety Australia.

For probing disposable respirators, and permanently probing some reusable respirators, we will either use probes and pushnuts such as TSI 8025-N95R Fit Test Probe Refill Kit for Disposable Facepieces from Kenelec Scientific or the Fit Test Probe Refill Kit from Fit Test Australia.

For Probe inserters these usually come with the PortaCount, however if you need to purchase an additional one they can be purchased here.

Over time, the ends of the Twin Tubes will degrade and this risks them falling out during testing. When this happens, we replace them with a Kenelec Scientific Twin-Tube Sampling Hose.

We use Kenelec Scientific Salt Tablets in our particle generators to generate enough particles for fit testing. In order to minimise wastage of this, we do not run the particle generator when we are not fit testing.

We usually always carry spare wicks for fit testing, these are the TSI 8033 Alcohol Wicks for PortaCount.


For cleaning masks and surfaces, we go to Allens Industrial Products for our Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes and Antibacterial Wet Wipes.

For cleaning out our twin tubes to reduce condensation build-up, we will go to Officeworks or a similar store for a Pressurised Air Duster.

Antibacterial Wipes


Often, workers will not be clean shaven. We find it helpful to have razors and shaving cream onsite so that these workers may still be tested if they are willing to shave. We source our razors and shaving cream from your everyday supermarket.

Keep in mind that you may also need to hold stock or testing masks, it is best to communicate with customers prior to testing to figure out what sort of masks require testing, and to have these and a backup system available.
We recommend keeping all consumables/equipment onsite within a purpose built box to keep things neat, tidy and efficient.

Wrap Up

We generally cover consumables in depth during our RESP-FIT approved fit test training and are happy to assist pre and post training in this respect.

All onsite fit testing includes supply of all equipment and consumables, and we can provide masks/RPE at the time of testing if required.

If you have any specific questions about resources or consumables related to fit testing, please contact us here, of call us on 1300 336 003.